Junior World Orienteering Championships 2000

July 9th - 15th 2000,The Czech Republic, Nové Město na Moravě - Milovy



Dear orienteering friends !

Approach of the year 2000 is a breaking point for many people. Some of them expect joyful future while the others are afraid of rising misgivings and uncertainty. For us, organizers of JWOC, it will be mainly the year of making great effort and huge preparations for JWOC. After the busy year we have the honour to invite you to the most picturesque parts of The Czech Republic, to the region of the Bohemian – Moravian Highlands, and to the area of the Žďár Hills. We believe that this meeting of junior competitors will be an arena of exciting sport as well as a week of friendship, youthfulness and joy.

We are very proud of our contribution to the idea that orienteering at the beginning of the third millennium will be presented as a sport where the basic principle is not financial profit but first of all entertainment, friendship and fair play competition.


Host Territory

There are only a few places all around the world that can offer such a great variety of beauty as the area of the Žďár Hills – sunny hillsides, ponds hidden in cooling shadows, picturesque hamlets. They are truly said to be the hills of ponds, woods, rocks, brooks, and rivers, the hills of outdoor sports and the hills of Colours –

to take sun into one’s palms
and rumble below a hillside in blossom,
or straight in the morning
beneath the blue sky
wade through dew.

The small picturesque town of Nové Město na Moravě, which lies at a height of 600 m above sea level, was mentioned as early as in 1268. Nowadays it is a centre of tourism and winter sports. World Cup in cross – country skiing (and ski – orienteeering) is regularly held near the sport grounds by the Ski Hotel. Picturesque landscape as well as kilometers of marked paths in an excellent state of repair lure thousands of tourists every year to make their trips to the area that has been admired and made famous by several graphic artists. As a matter of fact, you can visit an exhibition of paintings accommodated in Horácká Gallery in the Renaissance castle at the town square or an exposition concerning the history of skiing in the Bohemian – Moravian Highlands which is hosted within the Old Town Hall.



Junior World Orienteering Championships 2000 are organized by The Czech Orienteering Federation and by several Czech O - clubs of the host region.

The Organizers:

President Radan Kamenický
Financial Director Petr Klimpl
Event Director Jirí Urválek
Accommodation, boarding, transport Bretislav Würzel
Secretary Ivan Matejů
National controller Jaroslav Dokoupil
IOF controller Andras Hegedüs (HUN)


JWOC2000 Office Address, Information

Český svaz orientačního běhu (The Czech Orienteering Federation)
Mezi stadiony, PS 40,
160 17 Praha 6 - Strahov,
Czech Republic

tel./fax: +420 2 20513295,
e-mail: csob@cstv.cz,



Sunday 9. 7. 2000 Arrival of teams
Monday 10. 7. 2000 (Arrival of teams), Model events, Opening ceremony
Tuesday 11. 7. 2000 Classic distance
Wednesday 12. 7. 2000 afternoon - Short distance - qualification
Thursday 13. 7. 2000 morning - Short distance - final

Friday 14. 7. 2000 Relay, Closing ceremony, Banquet
Saturday 15. 7. 2000 Departure of teams

Detailed programme will be published in Bulletin No.3.

Event Centre

The Event Centre will be situated in the holiday resort of Milovy – there is a number of accommodation places close to the pond Milovy. The 9 Rocks Hotel (Hotel 9 skal) will serve as the main accommodation place as well as the event office and the press centre.

Other lodging houses are located within the walking distance from the Event Centre. Peaceful and wonderful surroundings are sure to create a cheerful atmosphere for the competition.


Location, Access, Preliminary Transport

The town of Nové Město na Moravě is found in the heart of The Czech Republic and is easily accessible from the highway D1 (Praha – Brno, 40 km to the north). The village of Milovy is located 15 km to the north from Nové Město na Moravě. See the map of embargoed areas.

If you use your own transport by car or bus, you are recommended to take these routes:

Direction from Prague: Highway D1 (direction Brno) - exit 119 (Velký Beranov) - 353 - Žďár nad Sázavou - 150 - Nové Město na Moravě - 354 (direction Svratka) - Sněžné - Milovy.

Direction from Brno: Highway D1 (direction Praha) - exit 162 (Velká Bíteš) - 37 - Křižanov - 360 - Nové Město na Moravě - 354 (direction Svratka) - Sněžné - Milovy

Transport by train is also possible. Transportation from the railway station Česká Třebová (railway route 010 from Praha - Kolín, 260 from Brno, 270 from Ostrava - Olomouc), from the railway station Žďár nad Sázavou (railway route 250 Praha - Kolín - Havlíčkův Brod - Brno - Wien) and from the Prague Airport will be arranged by the organizers only on demand mentioned in Preliminary Entry Form. We regret we won’t be able to provide transport from the Wienna Airport. Transport from the other mentioned railway stations and the Prague Airport will be paid extra. Details on transport must be sent to organizers two weeks in advance.


All participating runners must be born in 1980 or after.
Preliminary entries should include the following pieces of information:

Deadline for preliminary entries - March 31st, 2000
This date is also valid for booking of accommodation. Please use the enclosed entry form.

Final entries with the names of competitors and officials should be received by the organisers till June 15th, 2000. Entry form for final entries will be enclosed in Bulletin No.3.



(prices in EURO per person and for the whole period of JWOC):

Category A B C D

accommodation 155 100 85 65

entry fee 130 130 130 130

total 285 230 215 195

All payments (accommodation, entry fee and extra ordered services) must be paid by banking transfer till May 15th, 2000 to JWOC2000 office account.

Banking Account:

name: Český svaz orientačního běhu,

Mezi stadiony, PS 40, 160 17 Praha 6 - Strahov, Czech Republic

number: 1716809-504/0600

bank: GE Capital Bank, Vítězné nám. 2, Praha 6, Czech Republic




Category A • double rooms with WC, showers and TV

Category B • 2-4 bedded rooms with showers and WC

Category C • 4-8 bedded rooms with showers and WC

Category D • cabinets without toilets and showers, possible to use toilets and showers

in the Central house

Accommodation A is in the Event Centre (hotel “9 Skal”), other accommodations (B, C and D) are within the walking distance from the Event Centre (max. 1 km - 10 minutes). Fullboard is arranged in every accommodation place.

Number of beds in each accommodation standard place is limited. Each accommodation category will be filled according to the dates of preliminary entries.



The following IOF countries need visa for entering The Czech Republic:

Argentine, Australia, Brazil, China, Equator, Chinese Taipei, India, South Africa, Yugoslavia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Uruguay, Venezuela.

We recommend you to follow the current situation trough The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


JWOC Rules

All competitions are organized according to "Competition rules for International Orienteering Federation foot orienteering events" valid since January 1st,1998.

There is a change of the rules (6.14) for JWOC 2000:

• in the Classic Distance each federation may enter up to 6 competitors for men / women


Embargoed Areas and Maps

Name of area: Borders:

1/ “Maštale” Budislav - Široký Důl - Borová u Poličky - Pustá Kamenice - Proseč - Perálec - Doly - Bílý Kůň - Nové Hrady - Jarošov

2/ “Buchtův kopec” Pustá Rybná - Kamenec u Poličky - Borovnice - Jimramov - Nový Jimramov - Daňkovice - Sněžné - Milovy - Křižánky - Svratka

3/ “Pasecká skála” Kadov - Kuklík - Odranec - Koníkov - Mnichov - Lísek - Vojtěchov - Zubří - Nové Město n.M. - Radňovice - Vlachovice - Tři studně - Fryšava

4/ “Devět skal” Svratka - Křižánky - Milovy - Blatiny - Kadov - Fryšava - Sklené - Světnov - Škrdlovice - Vojnův Městec - Košinov - Vortová - Český Herálec

5/ “Velké Dářko” Vojnův Městec - Škrdlovice - Polnička - Račín - Vepřová - Havlíčkova Borová - Slavětín - Ždírec nad Doubravou - Krucemburk

6/ “Srnský les” Tisovec - Hlinsko v Čechách - Trhová Kamenice - Nová Ves - Nasavrky - Ochoz - Švihov - Miřetice

Existing O-maps in embargoed areas:

1/ Maštale (1975), Královec (1976), Lazaret (1986), Toulovcovy Maštale (1986), Křemílek (1996), Vochomůrka (1996)

2/ no existing map

3/ Medlov (Ski-1979, 80, 81), Ski (Ski-1979), Hotel Ski (1981), Rebel (Ski-1988), Zubří (Ski-1988), Lísek (Ski-1988), Ochoza (Ski-1989), Pomezní hvozd (Ski-1992), Čapáč (Ski-1995), Ochoza (1996), Gabreta (Ski-1997), Pernovka (1997)

4/ Medlov (Ski-1979, 80, 81), Samotín (1980), Křivý javor (Ski-1981), Řasnička (1993), Malinská skála (1993)

5/ Velké D. (1983)

6/ no existing map

See the map of embargoed areas. Samples of existing O- maps enclosed for every National Federation.


General Terrain Description

The competition area is situated between 450 and 800m above sea level. It is an undulated terrain with mixed vegetation, dense network of paths and small rocky formations (gneiss, granite, sandstone) in some places. Many different types of terrain can be found in the area.


Event Transport

Transport from the Event Centre to all races will be arranged and its price will be included in entry fee. Individual transport to the finishing area will be allowed (no discount of entry fee). All competitors are required to use the provided bus service to the start of all races. Individual transport to the starts won’t be allowed except the relay.



All maps conforming to IOF standard, drawn by OCAD 7, with special symbols:

green circle ...... single tree

green cross .......root stock

Classic and short distance scale 1 : 15 000, contour interval 5 m,

relay scale 1 : 10 000, contour interval 5 m

(a change in Bulletin No.1)


Preliminary Length of Courses





7,0 / 300 / 16c

10,5 / 450 / 21c

Short distance - semifinals

3,8 / 110 / 11c

4,5 / 140 / 13c

Short distance - finals

4,2 / 70 / 13c

5,0 / 90 / 16c


4,5 / 140 / 11-12c

7,0 / 190 / 14-15c



Spikes will not be permitted in some races, organisers recommend long trousers.


Climate Conditions

Central European climate influenced by altitude and large wooded areas promise suitable weather conditions for the events. Daily temperatures in July range around 25 degrees c.


Cultural Programme

More details in Bulletin No. 3

Press - Media

Press - media and extra representatives of the Federations will be accommodate in the hotel called “9 Skal” in Event Centre.

Price for press, media and extra representatives accommodation and services is 35 EUR (70 DM) per person and day. No special accreditation fee.

Press Centre will be located in the Event Centre - there will be a possibility of using telephone, telefax, e-mail, internet. There is also a good connection by GSM mobile phones (Eurotel CZ, Radiomobil) in the Event Centre.


Trainings and Camps

See the enclosure


Public Events

See the enclosure of “BOTAS Vysočina Cup 2000” (5-day international event)