July 9th - 15th 2000, Nove Mesto na Morave - Milovy, Czech Republic




  • 2000.07.14. 16:27 Photos of Relay Race: Finish and VIP race.

Tatiana Pereliaeva (RUS) is finishing for first place.     Disqualified Norwegian girls.     Minna Kauppi (FIN) is finishing for third place.

Czechs Jirí Kazda and Jaromír Svihovský are waiting near last control for finishman Michal Smola.     Start of VIP Race.     Start of VIP Race.


  • 2000.07.14. 10:19 Photos of Relay Race.

Start of men.     Start of women.

The competition area.     Displays with on-line splittimes for spectators in the competition area.


  • 2000.07.13. 21:32 Photos of Short Distance Race Final.

The way from the last control.     The finish area.     The finish area.

The finish area.     World Champion Camilla Berglund (SWE) after the finish with her coach Marita Skogum.     The medalists, (from the right) Michal Smola (1st), Zbynek Hora (2nd) and Jaromír Svihovský (3rd), all from Czech Republic.

Prize giving ceremony - women.     Prize giving ceremony - men.


  • 2000.07.13. 01:08 Photos of Short Distance Race Qualification.

The finish area.     The finish area.     Winner of heat Men A Peter Öberg (SWE).

Winner of heat Women C Vendula Klechová (CZE).     Winner of heat Men C Zbyněk Hora (CZE).


  • 2000.07.12. 11:53  Photos of the Classic Distance: Finish, Price Giving Ceremony, Press Conference.

On the finish.     After the finish.     3rd place: Jaromír Svihovský (CZE).

2nd place: Pasi Ikonen (FIN).     World Champion: Jirí Kazda (CZE).     Prize giving ceremony - women.

Prize giving ceremony - men.     Press conference.     Press conference.


  • 2000.07.11. 13:15  Photo of the new leader of Classic race.

New leader Michal Smola (CZE)


  • 2000.07.11. 11:00  Photos from finish of Classic race.

First competitor in finish, Lina Bäckström (SWE).     Current leader Lene Moe (NOR).     The finish lane.

The finish area.     The finish area.     First Czech competitor Michal Cerný.

Current leader Tero Föhr (FIN).


  • 2000.07.10. 22:45  Photos of Open Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony.     The Opening Ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony.     The Opening Ceremony.


  • 2000.07.10. 22:45  Photos of Competition Centre.

Finish of Diadora public race.     Competition centre.     Competition centre - Hotel 9 Rocks, Milovy.

Competition office.     IT centre.



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